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Belgian Technical Cooperation

Training and Organisational Development

UBK Developments Limited (BBB) in partnership with Ernst & Young were awarded procurement of framework contracts for consultancy services for the Support to the Development of Human Resources (SDHR) project for both

1. Phase 1 – Organisational readiness for change (UGA 257) and

2. Phase 2- Planning for change with a focus on Human Resource Development (UGA 270)

Phase 2 – Training Needs Analysis, Training and Human Resource Development Planning – UGA270

The purpose of this phase was to verify that the approved beneficiary organizations start planning for the change by developing Human Resource Development (HRD) and Training Plans.BBB was the delivery lead for the
implementation to 48 beneficiary organizations to identify training needs and develop quality HRD and Training Plans that relates to the improvement goals of the organizations.

BBB interventions included designing the HRD and training plan templates and guidance, designing and developing workshops for capacity building and direct coaching support to the beneficiary organizations. It also included supporting some organizations with leadership alignment and communications planning. BBB were also involved in interventions to support the change management and stakeholders buy in for the project.

Kshitij was the lead consultant in the project supported by Rehana as one of the senior trainers. Internal Train the Trainer (TOT) was conducted to create an alignment in the delivery of the project.

Dan Church Aid

Team Building Retreats

Dan Church Aid (DCA) has a new Country Programme for DCA Uganda (2016 – 2020) with the specific focus areas. As the DCA team was expanding, there was a need to organize a 3 day residential team building retreat for 50 staff to align its staff members to a common goal and understanding of the organization. To support DCA achieve its objectives, it contracted UBK Developments Limited (BBB) to organize and facilitate the team building retreat. It was held at the Fort Murchison Lodge, Pakwach district North Western Uganda. Topics covered included;

• High performance teams
• HR and people management responsibilities of staff
• Personal productivity and motivation

• Financial literacy
• Facilitated review of DCA country operation and work plan
• Outdoor games and fun

• Communication effectiveness
• Giving and Receiving Feedback
• Personal confidence

• Alignment around vision, mission, values and strategic direction
• Review of DCA strengths, weaknesses and priorities
A detailed report was developed to summarize the process and outputs from the training.

Eco Bank Uganda Limited


Ecobank Uganda commenced its operations in 2009 and it has since grown to seven branches across the country. The Bank’s mission is “To provide our retail and wholesale customers with convenient, accessible and reliable financial products and services”. As part of its strategy to expand further and become profitable, Ecobank believes in achieving a competitive advantage by hiring the right manpower. As part of this, Ecobank pursued to recruit approximately 20 graduates for a 6 month graduate program. The program intended to;

1. Train successful participants across the different functions of the Bank
2. Help successful participants to discover themselves
3. Nurture the brightest future talent for the Bank

Ecobank aimed to recruit passionate and talented graduates with the right attitude and cultural fit. To enable this, Ecobank contracted UBK Developments Ltd (BBB). BBB adopted a phased approach to recruit the right fit for Ecobank. Actions included;

• Agreeing competencies
• Developing competency related questions
• Developing objective scoring sheet

• Managing CV applications
• Initial sieve shortlist
• Telephonic interview

• Preparing and delivering a 1 day assessment center which included administering:
• Team behaviour assessment
• Numerical and verbal reasoning psychometric tests

• Communication assessment
• Customer service role plays
• Presentation and professionalism assessment

• Report and debrief (communication to candidates)

Grant Thornton Uganda

Events Management

Grant Thornton Uganda is one of the world's leading organizations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms. These firms help dynamic organizations unlock their potential for growth by providing meaningful, actionable advice through a broad range of services.

There was a need to update their client on the new tax amendments in the country as well as have a way of appreciating and saying “thank you” to their clients.

BBB organised and delivered 2 phased event where it delivered a tax update seminar that was held at the Golf course hotel. In the seminar, Grant Thornton was able to update its clients about the existing new tax amendments. Thereafter, BBB delivered a 3 course clients appreciation dinner that was largely attended with dignitaries like the prime minister of Uganda, among others.

The clients of Grant Thornton were updated on the new tax amendments in the country making it easier for them to be able to meet their tax obligations appropriately. The well organised Clients appreciation diner made the clients of Grant Thornton feel appreciated and brought them closer t Grant Thornton


Gulf Africa Petroleum Corporation

Team Building Retreats

Gulf Africa Petroleum Corporation (GAPCO) is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, one of the largest companies in India engaged, in exploration and distribution of oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing. GAPCO with operations in East Africa is one of the largest independent petroleum marketing and trading organizations

There was a need to strengthen bonds and relationships between team members, to share with them the information relating to GAPCO Uganda’s strategic direction and gain their feedback, input and ideas around this and provide them an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves BBB organised and delivered an intense fun interactive approach whereby various games were used to enhance the input, ideas and feedback of the participants in relation to GAPCO Uganda’s strategic direction. They were able to understand each others roles and the value they each add to the company.

The GAPCO team was noticeably closer and understood the values of the company deeply Overall we succeeded in helping the team understand GAPCO’s strategic direction as well understand the roles of each team member and value them. filling up the gap between the management and employees by creating a mutually benefiting environment.


International Law Institute


The International Law Institute delivers a range of professional and technical training to a range of beneficiaries across the Uganda. ILI requested Kshitij Gheewala, Managing Director of BBB to develop and deliver a series of training modules since 2013. The content that he has facilitated includes;

1. Change Management within an NGO environment
2. Creating a Facilitative Organisational Culture
3. Personal Leadership : Beliefs, Aspects and self-Inner Potential

4. Character Building – The Seven Spiritual Law of Success
5. Knowing and Building your Team
6. Myers Briggs – 16 Personality profiles

7. Principals of leadership and management
8. Personal motivation and productivity
Moral Leadership

Kiboko Group of Companies

Organisational Development and Training

With over 2000 staff in Uganda, the Kiboko Group is the Ugandan based distributor of Pampers, Johnson and Johnson, Gillette and Phillips.

As part of its commitment to improve efficiency, the Kiboko Group contracted BBB with a range of HR, capacity building and institutional assessment interventions.

This included developing and conducting a comprehensive Organisational assessment across the group’s 3 primary companies Abacus Parental Drugs ltd (APDL), Abacus Pharma ltd (APL) and KIBOKO Enterprises Limited (KEL). As a part of project, various HR related trainings were held.

Kshitij was the lead consultant supported by Rehana as a trainer. The workshops were focused to train the HR team to become better HR professionals. The workshops provide guidelines on the;

• HR skills for Non-HR managers
• HR skills for HR Managers
• Role of an HR professional in an organisation,

• Characteristics of HR manuals,
• Grievance handling in alignment with Ugandan law.
• Team Building

• Leadership and Management Skills
• Personal Productivity and Motivation

The trainings resulted in providing confidence among the HR team to perform their duty and they also received continuous support in order to implement the HR regulations among their units.

Toyota Uganda Ltd

HR for Non HR Managers

Toyota Uganda established in 2005 is the only company offering Manufacturer’s warranty in Uganda.

As part of the of Toyota’s strategy to equip managers with HR skills relevant to their operations, Toyota Uganda contracted BBB to organize and a 2 day HR for Non HR Managers training on the 13th / 14th February 2017.

The target audience for the training comprised of managers who manage or supervise day-to-day employee performance and those without formal HR training. The full senior management team attended the 2 day training at Protea Hotel, Kololo Kampala. The training was facilitated by a team of experienced BBB facilitators including Kshitij Gheewala, Stellah Mbekeka and Paska Edwards.

The training covered the following aspects;
• Self-awareness and development in management
• Motivation, trust retention and delegation
• Performance Management and appraisal forms

• Key HR skills for non HR managers
• HR legal issues relevant for managers
• Personal productivity

• Team communication
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Giving and receiving feedback
BBB submitted a detailed report to summarize the process and outputs from the training.

Uganda Manufactures Association
Training Team

Organisational Development

The Uganda Manufacturers Association was undergoing an internal change process. As part of this, there was a need to support the team with the skills and capacity to review their own strategic plan. Kshitij designed and delivered a 2 phased training program on how to undergo a comprehensive strategic planning process and how to develop a Log Frame. He also facilitated an interactive process whereby the team was able to begin the Strategic Planning process and review their own Organisational vision, mission, values and strategic objectives.



Events Management

KMCC is a 3-year program designed to help Uganda's HIV/AIDS initiatives handle key communications and knowledge in order to boost efforts to combat the disease.

The HIV/AIDS Knowledge Management & Communication Capacity (KMCC) is an initiative linked to the DFID HIV/AIDS prevention strategy.

There was a need to share the KMCC knowledge synthesis obtained on a range of Most at Risk Populations with a range of stakeholder groups including :academia, ministry of health, journalists, beneficiaries and other organisations.

BBB organised and delivered a series of fun, interactive and dynamic knowledge dissemination events to over 500 partipcants. The collaborative and uniquely creative approach to event management combined with an exceptional capability in all aspects of event management was used.

There was outstanding feedback from participants across all the events, with demonstrable improvements in understanding and behaviour . The overall levels of buy in and synergies created across a range of organisations involved in supporting MARPS was commended by both the client and the donor.


UN Women

Team Building Retreats

In July 2010, the UN General Assembly created UN Women. The United Nations Entity for Gender equality and the empowerment of women.

UN Women Uganda Country Office out sourced the services of UBK Developments ltd to facilitate a staff retreat to focus on Individual staff excellence, leadership, innovation and creativity for efficient and effective delivery on the organization’s mandate.

A total of 30 UN Women staff members attended the 3 day residential retreat. The retreat was delivered by a team of experienced facilitators from BBB who effectively managed aspects of the logistics, registration, content development and delivery.

The training covered content around the following elements;
• High performing team
• Team communication & ways of working
• Creating a team culture

• Personal leadership and character
• Inner strength – Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual
• Giving and receiving feedback

• Review of UN Women operational activities (what is working, what needs to improve)
• Personal Motivation
A detailed report was developed to summarize the process and outputs from the training.

USAID - Country Development Cooperation Strategy –
Stakeholder Mobilisation Engagement

Organisational Development

Every 5 years the USAID Uganda mission develops a Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), which charts out the strategic priorities and key measures for delivering $1.6 billion US Government aid to the country. of the new Strategy. On 2nd and 3rd March 2015, USAID hosted an event with its full team and implementing partners to review the CDCS and to kickoff the thinking for the next CDCS.

Every 5 years the USAID Uganda mission develops a Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), which charts out the strategic priorities and key measures for delivering $1.6 billion US Government aid to the country. of the new Strategy. On 2nd and 3rd March 2015, USAID hosted an event with its full team and implementing partners to review the CDCS and to kickoff the thinking for the next CDCS.

BBB worked with the USAID and QED leadership team to design and delivery the mobilization event for. This included facilitating the team to develop a framework of how 100 Chief’s of Party and 200 Mission staff members will review their progress against the previous Strategy and also begin to frame the key priorities. BBB organised and delivered all aspects of the event management.

There was common understanding of what was currently being done under the existing strategy and a great deal of feedback was gathered from the implementing partners and the USAID representatives. The event was a tremendous success with Leslie Reed commenting in her concluding remarks “Thank you to BBB and QED for delivering the best USAID event in Uganda ever”


Vicland Distributors Ltd

HR Development and Team Building Retreats

Vicland Distributors Ltd (VDL) operations commenced from the year 2010. The company was formed as part of the House of Dawda group to focus on distribution of Wines and Spirits in Uganda operating country wide.

Vicland Distributors Ltd contracted BBB to conduct a Team Building retreat in Sept 2016. One of the outputs / recommendations from the retreat was to develop and put in place HR policies and procedures for the company and update the organization chart, job descriptions with KPI’s. Below are the activities carried under each project;

1. Team Building Retreat
a. High Performing Team
b. Games & Play
c. Personal leadership and character
d. Departmental review
e. Review of vision, mission and values
f. Value collage exercise
g. Organisational roles

2. HR Development (Project period – Nov 2016 – Feb 2017)
a. Review and update Organisational chart
b. Develop Job descriptions and KPI’s
c. HR health check – Validation & review workshop
d. Develop and disseminate HR manual, HR policies, procedures, templates and forms
e. Coach the HR officer and support in the dissemination of the HR manual

BBB conducted a comprehensive HR health check which provided inputs into developing a strong HR manual for our organization. We have experienced a great amount of positive difference within our team after the team building retreat.